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Colton Haynes Almost Didn't Get His Teen Wolf Role Because of Gay Magazine Cover

colton haynes

In his new memoir, Miss Memory Lane, out actor Colton Haynes has opened up about having to conceal his sexuality and past to get acting roles. He’s even given a specific instance when him being on the cover of a gay magazine almost made him lose a job.

In the book, Haynes said that when he was auditioning for the popular MTV show Teen Wolf, his manager told him that the show’s showrunner Jeff Davis had to fight to get him on the series because he was gay.

“The head of MTV almost didn’t hire you because of that XY photo shoot we’ve been working our asses off to extinguish. Thank God Jeff fought for you to get that role,” he wrote.

“Jeff was the creator of Teen Wolf, and he had indeed fought for me; I was grateful to him, and eager not to f**k up the opportunity,” he added.

“It didn’t matter who was on my team, the message I got was always the same: ‘you will not work if you are yourself,’” Haynes wrote.

Haynes had previously revealed that he had long been ashamed of his appearance on the cover of XY, and that he even spent much of his career trying to “erase it from the internet.”

“It made me sad to see these pictures I had taken as a teenage model…before I was placed with voice & movement coaches to straighten me up for the cameras…before I learned to see my queerness as a liability. I was jealous of him. The boy in these pictures was so open, so free. He had to be taught that it wasn’t ok to be who he was,” Haynes said on Instagram last year.

“Being gay is worth celebrating. I wish I’d figured that out sooner, but I’m so glad I know it now. To everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community, I hope you celebrate yourselves this month & always, exactly as you are.”

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