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Jennifer Coolidge Wants to See More Evil Gays on TV—And We Agree

jennifer coolidge

“I just got so riveted, I was so enthralled.”

Jennifer Coolidge is never wrong.

The Emmy-winning star of The White Lotus recently broke down her character's ending in the stunning season 2 finale, and talked about why she wants to see more storylines like it on TV. And we couldn't agree more.

In the second season, Coolidge's character Tanya McQuaid is vacationing in Sicily when she meets a group of "high-end gays." After they wine and dine her, Tanya discovered that these new gays actually knew her husband Greg, and started to see suspicious activity all around her.

After help from her assistant Portia, Tanya puts it together that the gays are part of a plot from Greg to kill her and take her money. She defeats them, but ends up dying herself when trying to get off their yacht.

Coolidge said that she loved the twist that Tanya's gay friends were the villains of the season all along.

"That is so Mike White. I wouldn't have come up with that scenario myself, it wouldn't occur to me," she said. "Gay men can be catty, but mostly they are the good guys in a lot of films that I've seen. But Mike White made these guys kind of wicked, very corrupt soulless guys."

"He told me, 'You end up getting taken in by this group of -- well, let's just say they're evil gays.' I just got so riveted, I was so enthralled. You know, Tanya's not onto them, but she's finally being appreciated and she's finally having a good time on this horrific trip."

We were definitely enthralled too! Tanya vs. the gays was one of our favorite plots this year in TV!

2022 really did give us some truly great evil gays. Not only did it have The White Lotus' pack of murderous euro-gays, but it also had gay serial killer The Corinthian in Netflix's Sandman, and delightfully evil vampire Lestat in Interview With The Vampire.

Hopefully, we'll end up seeing a lot more evil gays like this in the future!

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