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Ricky Martin or Enrique Iglesias Will Wear a G-String in Concert

Ricky Martin or Enrique Iglesias Will Wear a G-String in Concert


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!! 

If you've ever dreamed of seeing Ricky Martin or Enrique Iglesias wearing a g-string, it looks like the chance to actually see it happen IRL might become a reality very, very, very soon!

Over the past weekend, the two heartthrobs got together (with fellow singer Sebastian Yatra) for a live stream chat on their social media accounts, and things got a little...interesting, to say the least. Both singers are embarking on an upcoming joint concert tour together that starts later this month, and during their live stream, the two teased a little of what is to be expected while they are out on the road performing for massive crowds again.

"I'm dying to be on stage," Out cover star Ricky told fans and viewers. "It's going to be beautiful."

"We promise you, we're not going to get arrested," Enrique joked in response.

"And somebody's going to wear a g-string!" Yatra (who is Ricky and Enrique's special musical guest on tour) added, spicing things up and doing the good lord's work.

"Oooooh," Enrique replied to the notion, while the freshly-shaven Ricky just laughed in response.

While the promise of seeing either Ricky or Enrique donning some skimpy undergarments in front of the entire world is an enticing one, like a lot of things in life, it's not without a catch!

"You know what? We should make that a bet!" Enrique said. "We'll make that a bet in Vegas. We'll do something, you know? And whoever loses, has to go on the last show on stage wearing a g-string."

While the specifics of the bet were never discussed (there was a lively discussion, however, about whether or not the g-string should be worn properly or backward), the Latin music superstars reassured fans that they weren't the type of men to ever back down from a bet, and that they would both be down to take it on to see who will be the lucky stud who has to drop trou on the last stop of their upcoming tour.

"I got balls, I'll do it," Enrique stated.

"Of course I'll do it," Ricky added, cementing his status as our favorite Daddy.

How about you BOTH do it, kings?!?!

Ricky and Enrique's joint tour kicks off later this month on September 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas and is set to conclude on November 20 at Anaheim's Honda Center. If you want to witness what is surely going to be one of the best moments in gay pop music history for yourself, in the flesh, tickets are available now on Ticketmaster!

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