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Busy Philipps Says Her Child Birdie is Gay, Uses They/Them Pronouns

Busy Phillipps

"I feel like I won all of it because OH MY GOD I get to know this person and THAT is the magic of being a parent."

Actress Busy Philipps has opened up about being the proud parent to a gay child in a new episode of her podcast. The star said her 12-year-old child Birdie is gay and uses they/them pronouns.

The Freaks and Geeks and Cougartown star was talking on her podcast Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best on December 30 when she shared the news. She revealed that up until now, she had used the incorrect pronouns for Birdie when talking about them publicly, and that led to a conversation.

"I said, 'You know Bird, I've been doing a bad job with the pronouns,' because Birdie said that they would like their pronouns to be they/them and I haven't been doing it, I said, because I have this public persona and I want Birdie to be in control of their own narrative and not have to answer to anybody outside of our friends and family if they don't want to," Philipps said.

"And then Bird was like... 'You can talk about that I'm gay and out. You can talk about my pronouns. That would be cool with me. That's great.'"

Philipps said she had a strong message of love for her child, telling them that they can be whoever they want to be.

"It doesn't have to look like anything anybody has ever seen or anything that's ever been modeled for you, because maybe it doesn't exist," Philipps told her child. "You get to choose what will make you feel fulfilled and happy."

She also recently posted a picture of Birdie showing off their Christmas present on her Instagram.

"Birdie opened one of my gifts tonight. It was this blue suit, which was excitedly and immediately put on and it felt like I won Christmas two days early," Philipps wrote in the post. "And then I managed to get this picture and now I feel like I won all of it because OH MY GOD I get to know this person and THAT is the magic of being a parent."

Philipps and her husband Mark Silverstein have two children, Birdie, and seven year old Cricket.

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