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Bella Thorne Basically Sold a Sexy Thirst Trap for $200 on OnlyFans

Bella Thorne

It's caused widespread backlash and reported changes to the app.

After pulling in a historic $1 million in 24 hours on OnlyFans, actress Bella Thorne is now at the center of controversy on the platform. According to multiple social media reports, the star and one time pornographer upcharged followers $200 a pop for a sexy photo she advertised as a "nude." The resulting backlash, and accompanying chargebacks, pushed the company to put a limit on how much users could charge their followers.

When Thorne launched her OnlyFans account she made one thing pretty clear: "Also nooooo I'm not doing nudity!!!" she wrote in a tweet linking to news coverage of her launch. At the time, according to reports, her account held only sexy bikini photos and other photos. It was certainly not the x-rated adult content that many knew the platform to be used for.

It's important to note here that OnlyFans isn't specifically for adult content. It is, in a phrase, simply social media that you pay for. What content users place on the site is completely up to them, but since its beginning, some of the most popular content has ben x-rated. In fact, the service became so known for this sort of content that Saturday Night Live parodied it and the New York Times wrote a feature around it. Suffice it to say, there's quite the reputation. Still, celebrities have increasingly joining the platform and dodging that, instead just offering more personal content.

Thorne, for her part, stated that she's using OnlyFans for research for a film she's working on. Only days into her launch, at $20 per month, she pulled in well over $2 million worth of revenue -- a colossal figure even by OnlyFans standards. And so when she began teasing to followers via private messages that she was selling a nude photo for $200. OnlyFans allows users to sell locked photos on an ad hoc basis, essentially upcharging fans for the most premium content.

In a screenshot being passed around social media, Torne allgedly goes back and forth with a follower about the contents of the photo. "No clothes naked," she responded when asked about how naked the $200 option was. The resulting photo was a disappointment to many.

To be fair the photo, which has been posted to social media, does appear to show Thorne nude. That said, it is also the same sort of implied or suggested nudity one might find on Instagram, covering parts of the body that might be flagged by censors. According to reports on social media, those who paid for the phot began issuing chargebacks en masse, to recoup their money. In the hours to follow OnlyFans handled down new guidelines limiting the amount creators can charge fans moving forward, likely to avoid something like this occurring again. The new changes have changed the payout to a 30 day process, the max upcharge to $50 per post, and have maxed out tiping at $100.

Sex workers and other users of the app have widely criticized Thorne as a result as many rely on those same tools for vital income.

Out has contacted OnlyFans representatives for comment.

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