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'The Voice' Alum Avery Wilson Comes Out as Bisexual on Birthday

Avery Wilson

Over the weekend. The Voice season three alum Avery Wilson celebrated his 25th birthday. "Thankful to see another year!!!!!!!" he wrote in an Instagram post. "It's time to turn the page into this next chapter of life!" And while many may use that phrasing at a momentous occasion in their lives, Wilson meant it. Hours later, he was already writing the pages in that new chapter.

"In my eyes, life isn't about being perfect," he wrote in a later, much longer post. "It's about growth, evolving, settling and smashing goals and most importantly happiness and love." I'm all about perfecting my love of self while not being afraid to love whoever I want, however I want. That real ENTANGLEMENT type shit." The reference was a recent Red Table Talk Jada Pinkett Smith did with her husband Will Smith about her relationship (or entanglement, rather) with August Alsina.

"I've always personally faced but publicly never answered one HUGE question about myself — all because I wanted my privacy and I felt like my business is just that — MY business," he continued. "Well, things just don't work that way when [you're] known on a big social scale.

Today, all questions and speculations of the past, now have a present definitive answer!" he wrote. "To finally answer the question ..... yes, I'm a bisexual man who's in love with LOVE. I am who I am and I love who I love. Always have and always will."

The singer and songwriter went on to write about "unapologetically walking in his truth. On Twitter, he wrote a more condensed form of the message: "I'm bisexual. Ok bye." The reaction on social media has been ... interesting to say the least.

While there has been a lot of support for the talented musician there has also been a lot of "we knew," sort of commentary. And like ... okay? Would you like a gold star? The singer himself responded to some of those comments with a succinct "good." But like, what really was the point of that in the first place? 

Another strain of reaction has posited that Wilson is only saying that he's bisexual but is truly just gay. This sort of bisexual erasure — particularly for Black men —  is common and is always problematic. Though some gay men may identify as bisexual before becoming coming out as gay — which, to be clear is almost always a result of pervasive homophobia and outdated ideas about what it means to be a man — bisexual men exist and should be respected as such.

Wilson isn't wasting too much time on it though.

"Now it's time for some new music ... right!?" he wrote in another tweet. That it is. 

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