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Yes, Alan Cumming Is Still Very Much Against Circumcision

alan cumming

Actor, writer, and podcaster Alan Cumming still hates the idea of circumcision. The pansexual LGBTQ+ rights advocate has talked about it multiple times before, but in a new interview, he's driven home the point.

"It's genital mutilation," he told The Guardian. "And I think people say: 'Oh that's hysterical' But we do it to girls and it's called genital mutilation." The multihyphenate performer was referring to female genital mutilation, a practice that is widely condemned. 

“I never thought anything about my foreskin,” Cumming said. He's Scottish meaning where he grew up, circumcision would have been less common. “And then I came to America and I was having sex and people would just be gasping because they’d never seen a foreskin before. I was made to feel weird and freakish because I had an intact body."

Foreskin shaming? We hate to see it!

In the interview Cumming, who notably discussed his sex life in a November 1999 cover story for Out, also spoke about his relationship with the convicted sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. On Instagram he had previously said that while he knew of Weinstein's bullying and massage meetings, he wasn't privy to the extent of things. 

“It shows you how clever those people are,” Cumming told the outlet. “There’s a difference between: ‘Oh, he’s a bit of an old lech,’ and being a rapist. That was shocking to me.”

He also said that he was a victim of Weinstein's bullying himself, being pressured to take roles he wasn't interested in.

"He was scary and also he was just overwhelming as a personality," Cumming said.

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