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Indya Moore Raised Over $20,000 For Pandemic Relief

Indya Moore on a red carpet

They might have left Twitter by actress and model Indya Moore is still using their platform. Through Instagram and CashApp, the star raised $20,000 to "take care" of about 400 people according to a post. 

In what started as Moore giving their own money to others grew and turned into a wealth distribution program, being run on social media. Last month, the Pose lead posted that they would be donating money to the "first 50 Black trans + Queer Folk *in need* during this time." In the caption, they instructed followers to DM their CashApp handles and told them they could also post in the comments, where others might decide to give them money as well. And ... it worked. Since, Moore has continued, giving about $50 per person to mostly Black trans folks, specifically women, but also "Latinx, Asian, indigenous, queer, trans, disabled and differently-abled folks as well." The money began to flow so much that CashApp temporarily suspended Moore's account for going over the maximum daily amount. 

"It’s been very overwhelming," Moore told Vogue of the project. "A lot of people have responded very generously and given upwards of $1,000. But it’s been heartbreaking too. I get DMs from trans teens who are 15 or 17 asking for funds to support their moms or their families. A lot of trans people are afraid of losing housing or can’t pay their cell-phone bill, which is their only connection to their loved ones."

Moore continues to receive and distribute money from their CashApp in addition to the work the FX team is doing with its Feed the Love campaign benefiting Feeding America. 

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