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Indya Moore Just Debuted as a 'Steven Universe' Character

Indya Moore and character on Steven Universe.

Wow, what a moment!

*This post contains mild spoilers.

If you thought you heard something a little familiar in the new Steven Universe character we were all introduced on Sunday night, you thought right. In one of the latest episodes of Steven Universe Future, the epilogue to the Peabody Award-winning franchise, adoring fans are introduced to Shep, a new character voiced by Indya Moore.

Without giving away the whole kit and kaboodle, Shep makes their entrance onto the show via another character we know and love: Sadie. The pair have been dating for two months, information that Steven is given while at Spacetries -- the bakery run by Lars.

Sharp eared fans will notice that when referencing Shep, the other characters use nonbinary terms. The pronouns "they" and "them" are used, as well as "partner" instead of boyfriend or girlfriend. According to social media -- we can't find any official statements -- that's because Shep is nonbinary, like Moore. The character is not the first nonbinary role on Steven Universe. Show creator Rebecca Sugar is also nonbinary.

Steven Universe is only the latest project for Moore. After coming to the fore with the rest of the Pose cast, they went on to make a cameo in Queen & Slim, in addition to making history by being the first trans person to cover Elle Magazine. They also will also be featured in the 2020 Pierelli calendar and are set to appear in the horror movie Escape Room 2.

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