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Keith Urban's Eagle Shirt Is a Knockoff of This Iconic Leather Club

Keith Urban in The Eagle gay bar shirt.

There's a good chance he's not even aware of the connection though.

Lady Gaga's One World: Together at Home special with Global Citizen was long -- nine hours if we did the math right. There were featurettes focused on those at the forefront of the fight against the ongoing global pandemic; PSAs from celebs like J. Balvin, Beyonce, and Oprah; as well as musical performances by some of our favorite artists. That latter bullet point came in a variety of styles, with artists like Jennifer Lopez seemingly transporting us to a Christmas tree-lit forest, while Lizzo kept things pretty intimate and close to her face (she was sitting at what we assume was her piano.) There was one segment that stood out to us though for reasons more visual than audio: Keith Urban.

Many of the performances were fairly lo-fi, artists like Chris Martin of Coldplay and Paul McCartney filming in portrait mode, making it clear that they had done their parts via phone. Urban's stood in contrast from this, with crisp video quality and even three versions of himself superimposed into the frame, all helping to play his take on the Steve Winwood track "Higher Love." But, providing multiple iterations of himself on screen just meant that fans now had that many more opportunities to see what he was wearing -- Keith Urban was wearing a shirt with an emblem on it that looked eerily similar to The Eagle. A few people pointed it out on Twitter.

If you didn't know, The Eagle is an iconic leather and levis bar in New York City. The establishment has such a following and influence that there are now Eagle bars all over the world, though they aren't officially linked. While they all have their differences as they are not a franchise, boasting the name of The Eagle typically means a venue is where leatherfolk and other queer people gather. Many of the Eagle bars boast their own shirts, many of which are only able to be purchased on an in-person visit, and some fans build collections of them.

One person online said Urban wore the shirt to celebrate "the fact that they were the first gay bar in NYC to close shop" for quarantine. If that's the case, maybe someone can get him an actual shirt from The Eagle.

While the emblem is quite similar to the logo of the famed nightlife establishment, it becomes immediately apparent that the chest of feathers in the original, has been modified to being an American flag in Urban's version. And then there's the curious case of the whole "Eagle" part not being there though the NYC still is, in the typeface The Eagle uses. There's also a tag in the shirt and The Eagle NYC doesn't have tags in their shirts.

There's a good chance that Keith Urban doesn't know about any of this -- a chance that he just bought the shirt as a symbol of American pride. And that's all fine! But if he did buy it with intentions on showing support for The Eagle NYC, if he shoots the bar a quick email, we're sure they can get him an original. See an original shirt below.

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