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RuPaul Seemingly Allows Fracking on His 60,000 Acre Ranch


We all know the RuPaul Charles is making a hell of a lot of money. With RuPaul's Drag Race, DragCon, and all of the affiliates, she's bringing in a real coin. Many of us also know that Charles owns a ranch in Wyoming with his husband Georges LeBar. But now, in a new interview, the queen of drag is giving people a little more insight on the operation and the fracking that happens there. Wait, what?

First things first, the LeBar ranch is a whopping 60,000 acres. Yes, you read that right: 60,000 acres. That's larger than a dozen national parks in America, a point that interviewer Terry Gross made in a recent interview for NPR.

"Yeah," Charles responds. "Yeah. It's a lot."

"What are you doing with them? I mean — that came out a little weird. But I mean do you have, like, horses or cattle or a farm or ..." Gross asks.

"Well, a modern ranch, 21st century ranch, is really land management," Charles explains. "it is — you lease the mineral rights to oil companies. And you sell water to oil companies. And you then lease the graing rights to different ranchers. So it's land management. Yeah."

"So what was it like for you to live on a ranch?" Gross presses on. "I mean, you're so, like, New York, Atlanta." But more than a few Twitter users cuaght something that Gross clearly did not.

"HOLD UP," Rory Solomon wrote to Twitter Sunday. "RuPaul was just on NPR's Fresh Air and shared that he and his partner own 60,000 acres in Wyoming and the 'lease mineral rights ... and sell water to oil companies' and Terry Gross did not follow up with one question about the fact that RuPaul is FRACKING." That's ... exactly what happened.

Obviously, Twitter let Ru have it.

This is as crazy as the time that Charles said he saw someone drowning and did literally nothing.

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