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Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Went to a Gay Bar Last Night

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Went to a Gay Bar Last Night

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Went to a Gay Bar Last Night
Photo via Twitter

Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait.

Do women belong in gay bars? The answer is apparently a resounding yes -- if they happen to be an Oscar-winning actress and a British, Grammy-winning musical icon.

On an otherwise unremarkable night in New York City, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence had a girls' night out together at Pieces Bar in New York City. Did everyone know they were friends? I had no idea and honey, I'm a little shook.

The girls were looking right -- Adele all in black with a face beat for Untucked and Lawrence looking skinny in a sleeveless camel turtleneck -- and were extremely drunk. At some point they wound up on the floor together with host Brita Filter telling Lawrence, "this isn't the Hunger Games!"

But how did they get so wasted? According to some intense Out investigation, the ladies participated in a game of musical shots.

"Hi my name's Adele," Adele told the crowd, which has now canonically replaced the lyric, "Hello, it's me" in "Hello." Listen, I don't make the rules.

"What do you do for a living?" Filter asked the Grammy winner, who answered that, at the moment, she is a "stay at home mum." A humble, child-rearing queen.

At some point during their tumble onto the floor, this legendary moment occurred.

I can just hear Jennifer Lawrence whispering "I'm so glad we didn't call Gaga." Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait.

Pieces, give Jennifer Lawrence and Adele their own party -- what they've been waiting for, obviously -- with a guaranteed base pay and a bar cut. It's what they deserve! If they aren't guest judges on Drag Race next season I want my money back.

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