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Chris Hemsworth’s Extremely Gay Back Arch Has the Internet Shook

Chris Hemsworth’s Extremely Gay Back Arch Has the Internet Shook

If Chris Hemsworth is ass-up in the wilderness and no one is there to see it, does the gay rights movement cease to exist? Thankfully, we’ll never have to wonder. During a family trip to Rottnest Island, off the Australian coastline, Chris Hemsworth took a photo that sent shockwaves across the gay internet. No, it wasn’t a dick pic (I’m sorry). No, it wasn’t a hole pic (I’m weeping). But in a way, it was the next best thing.

Hemsworth was taking an adorable photo with a quokkas, a tiny marsupial related to kangaroos. While the Avengers star’s photo with his new best friend was cute enough to make even Thanos go “aw,” that’s not the story, baby. What we, the LGBTQ+ community are interested in on this day is what happened behind the scenes.


In order to secure the photo with his new quokka friend, Hemsowrth had to get on his hands and knees (are you ready?). He had to get as close to the ground as possible, arching his back (are you feeling it?) and sticking his bum in the air (yes) to balance out how close his head was to the ground (mmhm). The position he wound up in, which was thankfully captured by his wife, Elsa Pataky, was vaguely familiar to the world’s homosexuals.

Chris Hemsworth going ass-up for a marsupial quickly went viral on gay Twitter — regular Twitter too, but our memes were funnier.

Chris Hemsworth’s ass will return in...Avengers: Endgame.

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