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Chris Hemsworth Doesn’t Know What a Thirst Trap Is

Chris Hemsworth shirtless.

Despite, you know, being the literal embodiment of the term.

When you look up "thirst trap" in the dictionary, it's Chris Hemsworth looking back at you as the term's illustration. Right there. Just look it up, we'll wait! If that's not what you found, then you need to get a new dictionary.

Well it seems as if Hemsworth himself hasn't ever had time to look up the slang term -- you know, he's been too busy summoning lightning bolts as Thor and throwing around massive tires as himself. So when a reporter from Refinery29 asked him about thirst traps, the actor was confused.

"Thirst trap?" He responded after laughing. The reporter made sure to point out that his voice included a "husky Australian accent," while he was also sporting a "boyish smile" -- you know, the tell tale signs of a living , breathing thirst trap. "Thirst trap? What is that? Tell me, this is fascinating."

And while you might think someone would just pull up a mirror or a front facing camera -- we are sure he doesn't have that same problem where the front facing camera makes him look like the Crypt Keeper, -- someone instead pulls up a photo of his brother. Which, you know isn't a bad idea! His brother has quite a few moments on his own feed, but this ... well the option they chose isn't really it.

"Oh, so it's like you're trying to play it down like it's casual, but you're doing like a ..." Chris trails off. "Thirst trap. HAHA! Ok. We'll try to get more of those going." No, no no sir. You keep doing what you usually do.;Taking photos in the ocean, uploading videos of yourself working out, arching your back to get closer to the ground ... you keep up your good work sir. Don't change anything.

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