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Sam Smith Says Shia LeBoeuf 'Turns Me On'

A diptych of Shia LeBeouf and Sam Smith.

They also said they'd love to see Dua Lipa do the Bond theme song. 

We all have a celebrity crush. You don't? Ok, whatever. You do. Whether it's because you're a star fucker and obsessed with getting a proximity to fame, or because there's a person who is just completely your jush but also just happens to be world-famous, we all have one. Even celebrities.

In a recent interview Sam Smith, who is "super single," revealed at least one of theirs.

"Now that you're super single, celeb crush?" a SiriusXM Hits 1 host asked. Smith took a second before responding.

"You know who came up on my phone last night?" they said. "Shia LeBoeuf. He's so fit! He's so fit, he turns me on."

Well. Ok but same! The host then pushes the statement.

"Well, it's out there, it's out there right now," he replied. "For all of North America!" Insinuating that there was the possibility that the revelation could materialize into something.

"Well, I don't think he's gay," Smith clarified. "But I'd be happy to be his first."

There is a line Mx. Smith!! Elsewhere in the interview, the singer shot down the idea that they were doing the new Bond theme song. Instead, they gave their own thoughts on who should.

"I think it should be Dua Lipa!" they said. "Do you remember the Madonna Bond song? It would be amazing to see a female queer icon like that, just smash out a dance-y type of song." When asked why they would give the opportunity to someone else, Smith's response was immediate.

"Because I've got it," they said, referencing their 2015 hit "Writing's on the Wall." "Been there, done that, got the Oscar! Ok, I'm joking."

Ok, but facts are facts!

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