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Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford Wanted to Fight Wendy Williams

Whitney Houston, Robyn Crawford

Robyn Crawford visited the talk show host to discuss her new book.

Robyn Crawford has kept quiet for far too long -- but not anymore. The longtime friend of legendary singer Whitney Houston is telling her side of the story, and the tea is piping hot!

To promote of her new book, A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston, which details the woman Crawford knew and loved from her vantage point, Crawford's been making the press rounds. Today she landed on the infamous purple couch of The Wendy Williams Show. And let's just say that she revealed that her and Houston once planned to jump the talk show host.

Here's some important context in case you're not as familiar with the details of the storied riff between Wiliams and Houston: Before Williams became everyone's favorite messy morning show titan, she was a revered radio personality in New York City. She was known as a "shock jockette" for her spicy commentary about all the goings-on in pop culture, and because this was the late 90s and early 2000s, radio was king. One of her most infamous spats was with Houston.

While appearing on Williams' talk show Tuesday, Crawford discussed a particular time she and Houston heard the then-DJ talking about Houston on the radio.

"After a long day's work, we get in the car," she said. "The radio is on -- everyone lived by the radio back then. And you're talking like you live with us, like you're roommates with us..."

"I know stuff," Williams says to the camera, cheekily.

"We're sitting in the car and Whitney would say, 'Who the [she censors herself]... Who is this woman? I don't even know what she looks like,'" Crawford continued. "Our plan was to go down to Hudson Street and squat... waiting for you."

The crowd erupted in astonishment, and to be honest, I may have clutched my pearls, too! Because anyone who remembers Williams from her radio days knows she was reckless a little too often. (It landed her a reality show in 2006 titled The Wendy Williams Experience!) But to think that Vocal Bible Whitney Houston wanted to fight Wendy Williams makes my heart smile. After all, she was just a girl from Jersey who made it out.

In the early 2000s, Houston had the chance to confront Williams on her radio show in an interview that has since gone down in gay history. Clips are all over YouTube, if you weren't around during that time. But let's just say it got real!

Nonetheless, Williams was a longtime admirer of the singer, even having church fans with Houston's image printed on them as a set staple during her talk show's first season.

As for Crawford's book, it's the first time that she's speaking on the depth of her and Houston's relationship. In it, she confirms the rumors that the two were lovers.

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