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Karamo Brown Says He's 'Proud' of His 'Friend' Sean Spicer

Karamo Brown Says He's 'Proud' of His 'Friend' Sean Spicer

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Not this again.

Let's get one thing straight: Sean Spicer served as an unapologetic, misinformation mouthpiece for a rabidly anti-LGBTQ president's administration. He praised his old boss, Donald Trump, in a tell-all book and slammed Hillary Clinton for supporting "transgendered" rights because bathroom issues "don't put meals on the table for an unemployed welder in Michigan." Those are the facts.

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown is already well aware of those facts, and was confronted with them quite brutally in August once he was announced as a cast member of the latest season of Dancing With the Stars. After the casting announcement, Brown called the former White House a "good guy, really sweet guy." And a mistake was made.

Massive backlash followed, and Brown blocked some of his most vocal, namely queer, critics. He eventually deleted some of his own social media accounts and took a leave of absence from others. Right before the season started up though, the contestant was back on Instagram, saying he and his family were "threatened by strangers," but he was essentially moving on. It seemed that move was for the better when he offered a strong rebuke of the Trump administration at the LGBTQ Forum.

But after being eliminated on Monday night's Halloween-themed episode, Brown has called Spicer a "friend," saying that he's in some way initiated a change in the political operative. .

"Sean is literally someone who I would've never thought I could be friends with, and I'm going to walk away from here calling him a friend," Brown said. "I really am proud of him, because he's had fun every week and I think he's exceptional."

According to People, Brown told reporters that he's been having conversations with the former press secretary during their time together on Dancing With The Stars, and believes he's getting Spicer to come around on LGBTQ+ issues.

"Through this process, Sean's trailer has been next to mine and I have literally every day been planting seeds in his heart," Brown said, noting moments when he explained how Spicer's past remarks hurt him as a gay person of color. "He got emotional [during the elimination] because he's realizing that I'm not someone you should be attacking in the media."

"I'm a human being. And if I can touch his heart, I'm about to go through and make a tour of Washington! I still want Trump out of office, but you know. That was the goal."

As Out previously noted, Spicer has never spoken out against the 123 attacks on the LGBTQ+ community made by the Trump administration since 2017, based on a tally from the watchdog group GLAAD. And as of Monday night's Dancing With The Stars elimination, Spicer still has yet to publicly apologize for his role in the administration's harm towards LGBTQ+ people.

Maybe Brown knows something we don't. After Monday's elimination, he decried violent threats and the "mob mentality" that prompted him to delete Twitter, but tried to assure the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups that he still understands why they're upset.

"I am not delusional. I'm with them," he said. "You know, seeing someone lie to the American public and be a part of an administration that is hurting us, it was bad."

For what it's worth, Spicer remains among the seven couples vying for the mirrorball trophy, meaning he could still bag some $295,000 in prize money.

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