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Wonder Woman Is Getting the Queer Romance She Deserves in New DC Comic

Wonder Woman Is Getting the Queer Romance She Deserves in New DC Comic

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This is the kind of thing we LOVE to see from one of our favorite heroes! 

In a new limited series from DC Comics, Wonder Woman is reimagined as a medieval warrior -- and she's in a relationship with another, equally powerful woman.

Wonder Woman's new romance will start in the second issue of the new high fantasy series Dark Knights of Steel, which reimagines the DC universe if it's most famous heroes had been born in medieval times.

The series, by Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri, and Wes Abbot, takes cues from Game of Thrones, imagining a medieval world where Superman and Batman are brothers, thanks to an affair between Superman's father and Batman's mother. When Superman crashed on earth as a baby, his mother and father came with him in this universe and established themselves as powerful lords and ladies in this new world.

Now Superman and Batman are adults, and when their father is murdered, they must decide who will take the throne after him.

In the second issue, Wonder Woman makes her debut when Lois Lane travels by ship to Themyscira to deliver some bad news to one of the Amazons living there, Zala-El, Princess of the House of El. When she finds Zala, she's on the battlefield, sparring with Wonder Woman.

Unfortunately, Lois is there to tell Zala that her father, Jor-El, was murdered, causing Zala to break down. That's when Wonder Woman scoops her into her arms, comforting her. She tells Zala she'll be there for her no matter what and the two women share a passionate kiss.

So, this Supergirl isn't the usual Kara Zor-El that we're used to, but she's still the Supergirl of this universe, and is related to Superman. Unfortunately, in her anger and sorrow about her father's murder, she kills one of the sons of the Kingdom of Storms, another powerful kingdom, and kicks off a war between the most powerful beings on the planet.

Diana is also queer in the main DC universe, with the comics referencing her queerness throughout the years and Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka confirming the news back in 2016. "Now, are we saying Diana has been in love and had relationships with other women? As Nicola (Scott, the Wonder Woman artist at the time) and I approach it, the answer is obviously yes," he said in an interview with Comicosity.

But still, after that, it's been rare that we get to see Wonder Woman being intimate with another woman, so this new series is a welcome change. Dark Knights of Steel #2 is in comic book stores now.

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