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4 (Good) Soccer Player Haircuts

4 (Good) Soccer Player Haircuts


Get the look: Are you team Rogers, team Piqué, team Neymar, or team Giroud?

We've asked the celebrity hair stylists behind the famous hairdos of these handsome players to share their tips. Which is your favorite?

Robbie Rogers Haircut

Robbie Rogers, American

Team: L.A. Galaxy

Stylist: Kyle Krieger

The look:

"First, shape the overall style with the cut. Below the crown of the head, ask your barber to scissor comb and blend into the hairstyle. Then create a hard part on the left side, and using the same technique, blend throughout the back and into the top of the hairstyle. Robbie likes to keep the front section of his hair grown in about 2-3 inches, and I really try to shape the top into the rest of the style."

How to style:

"Once the cut is complete, prep your towel-dried hair with a dime or nickel size of Living Proof Amp Instant Texture Volumizer ($24, 2 oz). Then blow dry with a paddle brush. Once the hair is dry, apply a dime size of Imperial Barber Fiber Pomade ($22, 6 oz). This gives Robbie a very sharp and textured look, but it's still easy for him to run his hands through. Finally, I finish the look of with Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray ($15, 3 oz). This can be used on damp or dry hair, and makes the overall look seem effortless."

Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty


Neymar da Silva Santos, Jr, Brazilian

Team: F.C. Barcelona, Brazil National Team

Stylist: Vaughn Acord

The look:

"Neymar is playing with color here to really give his hair some personality. This hairstyle has more length and color in the crown area. He's really going for a dry and natural look."

How to style:

"For this look you should wash your hair frequently with a brightening shampoo and conditioner (we recommend TRESemme, PHYTO, or Sachajuan), and let it air dry. If you want, you can use a microfiber wax (We like Aveda Men Pure Performance Grooming Clay, $23, 2.5 oz) - lightly - to give it more of a matte finish while keeping that dry look."

Photo: Francois Xavier Marit/AFP


Gerard Pique, Spanish

Team: F.C. Barcelona, Spain National Team

Stylist: Nunzio Saviano

The look:

"Ask for short sides, a short back, and long bangs. Make sure your barber does not texturize it: It's best to leave the thickness to avoid spiky and wispy bangs."

How to style:

"To get that volume and height, you have to blow dry it, otherwise it doesn't stay. Blow dry your hair up, and once it's up, apply some pomade to get shine and texture. I recommend Kerastase Homme Capital Force Densifying Modelling Paste ($33, 2.5 oz) to get this look."

Photo: David Ramos/Getty


Olivier Giroud, French
Team: Arsenal F.C., France National Team

Stylist: Vaughn Acord

The look:

"This is more of a waxed look; you have a very close shave on the sides and the back. Players can find their own individualism with the short hair look by playing with side burns and facial hair. Giroud is giving us somewhat of a bouffant hair style, controlled with clean wax to give texture to the hair. He's using just enough product to add weight without it getting in the way. The right product will control the length, the thickness, and the density of a hairstyle like this."

How to style:

"Part the hair on the side to give it clear direction, then comb it out. As the hair air-dries, you can add a wax into it and then work it through to manipulate it, just like you would put lotion on your face. The key is that the wax should be a light, controlling wax that has enough weight to it, but has a clean and pliable finish. Try V76 Molding Paste ($26, 1.7 oz), which has the right balance between hold and flexibility for longer hair. Forget about natural oil or petrolatum; these products don't wash off."

Photo: Adam Pretty/Getty

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