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best hair products for men

The most stylish guys know that a good hair product can make or break your look -- and, like men, a good product is hard to find. Through trail and error, most guys settle on one that is decent at best. You like your pomade but wish it had lower shine, or you like your matte clay but wish it had more hold. Ready to admit you need some help? Out tracks the trends in male grooming and finds the best hair products for men so you don't have to. And if you're a hairy guy -- or love a hairy chest -- you know that men's hair products don't stop with the head. Follow Out for the best men's hair gel, pomade, paste, clay, mousse, and texturizers to give your hair the look you want.

What All Men Need to Know About Hair Loss

Dr. Glynis Ablon, MD and Dove Men+Care provide us with some necessary haircare tips.

How to Get a Greaser 'Do Without the Grease

Timo Weiland's 'Banana Boys' sported slick, windswept 1950s hairstyles at Men's Fashion Week. Here, simple tips to recreate the look.

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We hang out backstage at NYFWM and ask the top hairstylist how to achieve the models' runway looks from John Elliott, Stampd, and Todd Snyder.

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The 5 Most Popular Haircuts For Men (and How To Style Them)

How to pull off fades, the undercut, and the man bun.

4 Expert Tips To Master Gray Hair

Tips to embrace the salt-and-pepper with pride

Curl Power

How to tame a curly mane

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The ’90s are back, and with them a revival of flashy hair dyes in every color of the spectrum

Waxed Out: What Does It Take to Get a Smooth Body?

How one hairy man conquered his fear of waxing

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The Fifty Shades star keeps it natural, and it works.

How to Apply Beard Oil

A GIF guide to save face

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West Hollywood's celebrity hairstylist is coming to New York with two pop-up shops at Cutler salons.

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Thomas Knights's hot gingers are back for a good cause.

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Rememer this? Jared Leto's caveman realness era is over. Check out the actor's new 'do.

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Celebrity hairstylist Enrico Mariotti gives a makeover to four of the hottest male models right now

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Queer entrepreneur Khane Kutzwell seeking to establish her home barbershop in new storefront

4 (Good) Soccer Player Haircuts

Get the look: Are you team Rogers, team Piqué, team Neymar, or team Giroud?