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New Book Cool Uses Art & Music to Revisit Trends Throughout History


How do we determine what’s cool? It’s a question that’s evolved through the decades, in step with—and because of—the fashion, music and media of passing eras.

Working with writer and style guru Andrew Luecke, author-illustrator Greg Foley unpacks this phenomenon and spills it onto the pages of Cool, a monograph that, through Foley’s watercolors, captures trends and fashion movements across a century. From greasers and beatniks to club kids and riot grrrls, the art sets the scene, no matter the scene. And music takes things further.

Complementing Cool is a wealth of streamable playlists with hundreds of songs. A collaboration with Apple Music, the lists have been curated by influencers like Michael Stipe, Kelis and Fischerspooner—just a few of the cool kids who’ve defined these iconic subcultures. 

Cool is available May 9 from Rizzoli.

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