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#TBT: Katy Perry's Hot (Gay) 'Boyfriend,' Malik LeNost, Serial Wig-Snatcher

#TBT: Katy Perry's Hot (Gay) 'Boyfriend,' Malik LeNost, Serial Wig-Snatcher

Malike LeNost

Remember that time Katy Perry was rumored to be dating her backup dancer? Well that shark won't hunt. 

While we're on the notion of "the perfect male specimen," may I throw my nomination into the ring: Katy Perry's backup dancer Malik LeNost. Sure, Pietro Boselli is foine with a capital "OINE" but how's his wig game, though? And was Mr. Boselli ever wrongly accused of dating the international pop tart? Don't think so.

Here are 10 times Malik LeNost snatched all the wigs -- and our hearts.

When he provided this pretty solid argument against manscaping

Malik 10

When he showed us the only way to hold a drink -- like a goddamn lady


When he showed us how to serve face and body, while stealing the spotlight

Malik 1

That time he served Yojimbo by way of Commes de Garcon realness while cold chillin' like a boss

Malik 8

That time he took out Margot Robbie then stole her and Jada's man without so much as an apology

Malik 7

That time he befriended national treasure, Missy Elliott

Malik 5

That time he was just feeling his oats, living his life and rocking his wig game

Malik Wigs

That time he did the world a favor and broke up Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Malik 4

When he showed us how to luxuriate on a yacht

Malik 11

When he showed us how to deal with basic bitches -- or basic coat racks -- being in your way

Malik Strut

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