Inside the Gay & Trans Wing of L.A. Men's Central Jail

L.A. Weekly obtained unprecedented access to the ward occupied by gay men and transgender women inside the Los ...

Gender Play Offers Perks in the Animal World

You've heard about gay penguins and hermaphroditic fish, but a new story explores another breed of male animals that …

By Jon Roth

A Fire in Fire Island Pines Reportedly Destroys Pavilion Complex

A fire late on Monday, Nov. 14 destroyed the Sip N' Twirl complex and gutted the Pavilion and at least one home near the …

By Jerry Portwood

Gay Cable Network Founder Lou Maletta Signs Off

Founding the Gay Cable Network in 1982, Maletta brought LGBT issues to the small screen like never before.

By Jon Roth

Letters from a Veteran

Jeffrey Correa of Freedom to Marry reminds us that, with all of our recent successes with marriage equality, there is …

By Editors

Bizarre Drinking Habits

A new method of getting wasted may be a gateway drug to gay sex, or just a really horrible idea.

By Mike Berlin

Life Cafe, a Featured Player in 'Rent,' Rumored to Be Leaving Manhattan

The East Village cafe where playwright Jonathan Larson wrote his hit musical might be shutting its doors for good. …

By Jordan Shavarebi

Brett Ratner Fired by Oscars for Antigay Remarks

Director Brett Ratner was canned from his position producing the Oscars after making homophobic comments and discussing …

By Adam Rathe

Cyber Drag

The allure of switching gender and sexuality online.

By Porochista Khakpour

Gay, Muslim, and Free

In the wake of Gaddafi's death, a Moroccan writer looks back on the effects of the Arab Spring.

By Abdella Taia

Editor's Letter: The Marrying Kind

Until very recently, British newspapers had a sly euphemism for known homosexuals who had resisted the kinds of sham …

By Aaron Hicklin

Nikki Araguz vs. The State

Her childhood began in a welter of sexual confusion and ended when she was raped and infected with HIV. But the biggest …

By William Van Meter

Domestically Partnered

Signing a lease, out on a limb

By Nick Burd

Lady Bunny Sounds Off on Queer Activism

A week ago, gay marriage passed in New York and everyone whooped it up. I'd like to ask everyone who's …

By Lady Bunny

The Multiple Marriers

Author's note: In 2009, Paul David Wadler and Rick Brown had already been married three times: in Vermont (a civil …

By Steven Thrasher

Mark Simpson's Metrosexual Reflections

'Straight lads are such bloody tarts now,' my mate Farmer Dave observed, gazing at a young …

By Mark Simpson

Paris is 'Still' Burning

More than 20 years after the film was released, the Bronx's drag ball scene continues to thrive as a home for queer …

By Steven Thrasher