Book of Matt Author Responds to Media Matters

Steve Jimenez challenges the watchdog organization to a public debate about the facts in his book about the Matthew ...

Gay Marriage, 1996/2013

Times have certainly changed since I asked my mother if her gay friends were married.

By Andrew Belonsky

Westboro Church's New Rainbow View

Literally, a home and new equality center across the Westboro Baptist Church gets a rainbow paint job

By Andrew Villagomez

Chicago Cancels Michelle Shocked After Anti-Gay Rant

Fans decrease and cancellations begin for the former female empowerment singer and lesbian icon

By Andrew Villagomez

At Vassar College, Love Conquers All

The school raised over $100,000 for LGBTQ charities in counter-protest to Westboro Baptist Church

By Matthew Ortile

The Baby Dance: Like Candy For A Baby

Fingers crossed, we're counting on luck to carry us the rest of the way home

By Marc Leandro

Wilfred Knight: Did DOMA Kill Him?

Some are blaming the recent double suicide of the adult film star and his husband on the long immigration battle they …

By Editors

Life 101: No More Drama

Sometimes de-cluttering your life means making some difficult, but powerful, choices

By John Kalinowski

The Queen of England Supports Equal Rights

Queen Elizabeth II is set to sign a new charter that will back equal rights for women and gays, while fighting …

By Andrew Villagomez

Doctors Cure Child Born With HIV

Medical history has been made by US doctors, who appear to have cured a toddler born with the AIDS virus

By Andrew Villagomez

The Baby Dance: Sexing Day

After we discovered the sex of our twins, everything changed

By Marc Leandro

From Oscar With Love

Comedy writer and author Mark O’Connell casts a golden eye over Hollywood (and James Bond’s) golden night.

By Jerry Portwood

Walmart and You

It’s time for the Walton family to consider the importance of Walmart's LGBT employees and shoppers

By Lane Hudson

The Boy Scouts Made Me Gay

The embattled institution helps young men discover their sexuality—including me

By Frank Bua

This Llama Farmer Was Fired for Being Gay

Meet the Kentucky man whose animal sanctuary is home to 51 llamas and more than 300 animals, but is struggling to …

By Jerry Portwood

Boston Fraternity Raises Money for Trans Brother

Brothers of Phi Alpha Tau at Emerson College campaign to pay for FTM top surgery

By Benjamin Lindsay

Time We Relay Our Love: Dr. Isaac Namdar’s Journey from Excommunication to Acceptance

When news of his marriage to his partner spread through his Orthodox Jewish and Middle Eastern community, Dr. Namdar was …

By Daniel Tehrani