Sign of the Times: Nakedness in a Digital Age

In San Francisco, where nude men once gathered to chat in the sun and employees of Silicon Valley discover new ways ...

Josh Seefried: In His Own Words

The Air Force officer and former OutServe-SLDN board member explains why he left the organization—and his plans for the …

By Jerry Portwood

Weiner Wishes On Phallic 'New Yorker' Cover

Weekly goes for the gusto with crotch-centric political send-up.

By Andrew Belonsky

Baton Rouge Sheriff Goes After the Gays

Christian singles can meet in park, but not gay men.

By Andrew Belonsky

HRC Prez to NBC: Shame Russia

Olympic broadcaster has responsibility to expose Russian homophobia, says Chad Griffin.

By Andrew Belonsky

WATCH: Harvey Fierstein Takes Putin Protest Live

Sonorous actor talks with Lawrence O'Donnell about odiously anti-gay Putin.

By Andrew Belonsky

Ireland's President Gets 'Gay' Apology

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

By Editors

Gays Are Still Just Sex, #Archaic

Tumblr #gay ban is more of the same reductive thinking.

By Andrew Belonsky

Op-Ed: Why Are We Not Talking About PrEP?

Michael Lucas comes out as HIV-negative, sexually active man on PReP

By Michael Lucas

Baldwin Takes On 'Gay Sheriff' Cooper

'30 Rock' actor has obviously lost love for CNN anchor.

By Andrew Belonsky

Positive Voices: Mid-Life Crisis, Squared

For middle-aged men, an HIV diagnosis comes with an extra burden of shame.

By Jesse Archer

The 'Gay Pants' Candidate vs. the Gay Candidate: A Comparison of Weiner and Quinn on Gay Issues

Both want the gay vote, but voters must decide who advocates best for LGBT issues.

By Samantha Henderson

Should Professional Athletes Speak Out About LGBT Equality?

Or keep their opinions to themselves?

By David McFarland

Arkansas Judge Does The Right Thing

Bush-appointee known for anti-abortion politics leaves gay case over "personal relationships."

By Andrew Belonsky

Now Single, Jonathan Groff Turns To HBO

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

By Editors

$2.3 Million Later…

House Republicans are done wasting money to fight marriage equality.

By Andrew Belonsky

Macklemore and JT Tie In MTV Noms

And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today.

By Editors