My Prison Pen Pal: Why I befriended a convicted sex offender

Why I befriended a convicted sex offender and never regretted my raunchy missives from “Randyland.”

Burning Books, One Word at a Time

A new movement cracks down on 50 years of LGBT culture.

By Calpernia Addams

Dustin Lance Black Hits Back at Alma Mater For Shaming Him

'I did nothing wrong and I refuse to be shamed for this any longer.'

By Editors

Next Year in Kampala?

America’s LGBT rights industry goes global.

By Christopher Glazek

The Straight Gay World of Steve Kornacki

The MSNBC anchor and politics wonk will kick your ass at the game show of your choice. But not if he has to fly there. …

By Joe Pompeo

Indian Supreme Court Recognizes Third Gender

The landmark judgment will recognize trans people as being of a third gender.

By Alex Panisch

Billy Francesca: Advice From an Idiot on Speaking Up

Guest columnist Billy Francesca may be an idiot, but as one of L.A.’s premier party promoters and half-drag nightlife …

By Billy Francesca

Op-Ed: The Danger in Calling PrEP a "Party Drug"

Michael Lucas calls on the president of the AHF to be removed from his job for remarks about Truvada

By Michael Lucas

Ugandan Police Raid US Funded LGBT Focused AIDS Project

The raid may be a sign of more enforcement of the country’s anti-gay laws.

By Alex Panisch

Mozilla CEO Brendon Eich Resigns Over Prop 8 Firestorm

The controversy over his 2008 donation in support of Prop 8 has forced Eich to step down.

By Alex Panisch

First Same-Sex Marriages Take Place in UK

Gay couples in England and Wales now have the right to wed, giving them all the same legal benefits as straight unions …

By Jerry Portwood

Nate Silver Points Out NYT's 'Change of Tone' on FiveThirtyEight

Columnist Paul Krugman has written more 'unfavorable' stories about the site and its founder, says Silver.

By Ran Aubrey Frazier

Phone Sex Change

Dating is always tough—especially when you are a man speaking in perpetual falsetto

By Mark Jason Williams

Nate Silver Steps Into First Controversy at New Site

The gay statistician and politics guru drew fire this week for hiring Roger Pielke Jr., a polarizing science writer, for …

By Ran Aubrey Frazier

WATCH: First Couple Married in Michigan

The women were surprised to find they'd arrived at the clerks office before anyone else. Icon Type:  …

By Lucas Grindley

When Black Lesbians Are Killed by Black Men

Why do we still have so much violence directed at queer women of color?

By Darnell L. Moore