Are White Gay Men Too Privileged to Understand Racial Inequality?

We can sift through the minutiae of the killing of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and John Crawford, or we ...

Get Out the Bagpipes and Kilts, Marriage Equality Has Come to Scotland

Just in time for a destination New Year's Eve wedding!

By James McDonald

NY's Gov. Cuomo Mandates Insurers to Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery

This makes New York the ninth state to require such coverage

By James McDonald

Gay Mid-Life and the American Dream

Actor Mel England ponders what it means to have equal rights — just to be normal and grow old

By Mel England

Book of Matt Author Responds to Media Matters

Steve Jimenez challenges the watchdog organization to a public debate about the facts in his book about the Matthew …

By Steve Jimenez

Inside the Gay/Trans Wing of L.A.'s Central Jail

L.A. Weekly obtained unprecedented access to the ward occupied by gay men and transgender women inside the Los Angeles …

By Sunnivie Brydum

Qatar: We Will Find 'Creative' Solutions for LGBTs at World Cup

The host nation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup claims it will be able to accommodate LGBT soccer fans.

By Alex Panisch

Jason Collins Announces Retirement From the NBA

After 13 years in the NBA, Collins is retiring from professional basketball.

By Alex Panisch

Gay Blood Ban Might Be Reduced in U.S.

A federal advisory committee suggested that gay men should be allowed to donate blood after a year of abstinence. …

By Alex Panisch

Pussy Riot On Protest, Prison, and Putin

Members of the Russian punk protest band joined Klaus Biesenbach for a conversation about Putin, government oppression, …

By James McDonald

Vladimir Putin: The Advocate’s Person of the Year

The Russian President has made the biggest impact on LGBT rights this year, it’s just a negative one.

By Alex Panisch

Latvia's Foreign Minister Tweets: 'I Am Gay'

In a country where LGBT rights have far to go, a key government figure publicly embraces his sexual orientation.

By Aaron Hicklin

Clay Aiken Comes in Second... Again

There weren't enough Claymates in the Tarheel State to save the former Idol finalist from defeat.

By Neal Broverman

Russia Tears Down Steve Jobs 'Memorial' After Tim Cook Comes Out

Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law strikes again.

By Alex Panisch

Where Are They Now: Christine Quinn

After a disappointing defeat, the New York politician is back with a new cause to fight for: She wants you to vote for …

By Jerry Portwood

On Saying 'I Do'

Many of us still wonder if the privilege of saying 'I do' is just a slippery slope to convention and decorum.

By Aaron Hicklin

Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I'm Proud to Be Gay'

He's the most prominent, and powerful, man in business to come out

By Jerry Portwood