Cherry Jones, Elizabeth Streb, Lisa Kron, Bill T. Jones, and Others Discuss What's Next


By Jerry Portwood

Made Here asks creative folk: What do you dream of doing next?

The Made Here documentary series, which is available on Hulu, interviews some of our favorite queer artists and creative types. They made it to the end of the third season, and the finale includes everyone from actor/director/writers Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cherry Jones, and Lisa Kron discussing their aspirations, along with choreographers Elizabeth Streb and Bill T. Jones (who says he wants to dance again) and a slew of musicians in this striking video. The openly gay composer Mohammed Fairouz seems particularly inspired, saying he wants to violin concerto, a musical, an opera. "I'm going to do them all." It motivates us!

Watch the full video below:

Tags: Popnography