Quick Cuts: Lance Armstrong Hearts Nike; Levi's Taps Artist Damien Hirst; Preppy Style is Back...again.


By Nick Burns

Photo: Getty Images

Lance Armstrong and Nike are launching the Livestrong Collection of
sports apparel, shoes and accessories for men, women and children this
fall. All proceeds from the line will benefit the Lance Armstrong
Foundation to support cancer survivors. Let's just hope the obnoxious
yellow color of his ubiquitous bracelets will be used sparingly or
everyone without a tan will look sick. [DNR]

Levi Strauss tapped Young British Artist Damien Hirst to collaborate on the company's Warhol Factory X label of denim for Spring 2008. Hirst, who is known for his works of preserving dead animals in giant tubs of formaldehyde (yuck!), is also a fan of spin art. Let's hope he decides to leave the formaldehyde at home when designing the line. The stench of the stinky stuff is about as appealing as marinating in Drakkar Noir.

The Warhol Factory X line experiments with the use of textures, fabrics, colors, and treatments. It captures the Waholian pop-art spirit but at times, it wobbles on the line of cheesy '90s club garb,  gel-shellacked hair and reflective shirts made in fabrics that are not of this planet. [WWD]

The Wall Street Journal announces the return of Preppy. Thanks for joining the party, a few years late. The media has been playing croquet Prep-school style—including polos, sweater vests and schoolboy ties—for what seems like years now. [WSJ]

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