Dear White People Trailer: the film focuses on a gay black college student

The politically charged film centers on a gay black college student

Téchiné's Gay Family Albums

Armond White says French filmmaker André Téchiné’s 'Unforgivable' should make him a familiar name for film-loving gays …

By Armond White

The Evil of Banality

Novelist Bruce Benderson talks to the director of 'Michael,' this year's most provocative movie.

By Bruce Benderson

EXCLUSIVE: Internet Sensation Chris Crocker Stars In HBO Documentary

Be the first to see's exclusive promo video for the biopic about the ladyman behind 'Leave Britney Alone' …

By Joseph Alexiou

Gay-Famous Internet Types Rag on Magic Mike

The only thing more fun than a movie full of male strippers is a bunch of queens talking about it

By Editors

Did Channing Tatum Steal the Plot for 'Magic Mike'?

Tatum's stripper friends claim he stole their stories for ‘Magic Mike’

By Alex Panisch

WATCH: Trailer for ‘Pitch Perfect’

Universal has jumped on the glee club bandwagon

By Alex Panisch

A New (Very NSFW) 'Magic Mike' Trailer

More from this summer's soft-core sensation.

By Alex Panisch

Bret Easton Ellis Wants Ryan Gosling, Aaron Johnson in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

After saying he'd be interested in turning E.L James's bestselling erotic fiction into a film, now he tweets more …

By Editors

What Will America Think When Alec Baldwin Kisses Russell Brand?

The upcoming film adaptation of 'Rock of Ages' has a surprising amount of homoerotic overtones. But is it more than the …

By Adam Rathe

Janet Jackson to Produce a Documentary on Transgender People

She hopes the film will help ‘stop hate and find understanding towards transgender people.'

By Alex Panisch

Lindsay Lohan & Grant Bowler as Liz & Dick

The first official promo photo for the Elizabeth Taylor biopic, 'Liz and Dick,' is steamy. Or is it a vampire movie in …

By Diego James

'Wish Me Away' Premieres In New York to Favorable Reviews

Country star Chely Wright documents her coming out on film

By Alex Panisch

Trailer Trash: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The trailer premiered last night at the MTV Movie Awards. So we took an office poll.

By Editors

Fans of Joe Manganiello Real Winners at MTV Movie Awards

Members of the cast of 'Magic Mike' give Elizabeth Banks a 'special' award

By Diego James


Everybody loves a good queen—and a bad one. This season you can base your film selection on two new A-list evil queens, …

By Editors

WATCH: 'Magic Mike' Trailer, 'It's Raining Men'

More proof that this summer won't be your typical blockbuster ballbuster

By Editors