The Month Monster Movies Got Real Gay

Fanged pretty boys. The ditzy undead. A she-wolf in the closet. It's all heading to a cineplex near you.

By Adam Rathe

First Look: Clip from 'A Liar's Autobiography'

A look into the silly (and seedy) sexual awakening of Monty Python's Graham Chapman reveals his absurd take on... …

By Editors

Catching Up With Alicia Silverstone

With two films and a Broadway play about porn stars on the horizon, our second-favorite Cher is back in a big way. …

By Adam Rathe

Monty Python’s Graham Chapman Misremembered in ‘A Liar’s Autobiography’

It’s not a Python movie; it’s something completely different

By Alex Panisch

Bringing up Gayby

The not-so-immaculate conception of this year's most unusual parenting comedy.

By Zack Rosen

REVIEW: 'How to Survive a Plague'

David France's documentary turns AIDS-era into a suspenseful, must-see tale

By Aaron Hicklin

Stephen Chbosky Explains Why 'Perks' Had to Be PG-13

The director says Logan Lerman is 'perfect,' Ezra Miller is 'such a force of nature'

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Logan Lerman on 'Perks'

The actor spoke with 'Out' while in New Orleans, where he was filming the sequel to 2010’s 'Percy Jackson & the …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

WATCH: 'Lincoln' Trailer

Steven Spielberg's election-year ode to the 16th president may change history

By Jerry Portwood

Zachary Quinto

The actor boldly goes where few men have gone before.

By Editors

Zachary Quinto: Star Man

He's played superheroes and pointy-eared space travelers, and would die to step into transgender rock star Hedwig's …

By Aaron Hicklin

The Five Gayest Movies This Fall

Whether it's some boy-on-boy action, Zac Efron dancing in his tighty-whiteys, or a serious contemplation of gay history, …

By Editors

The Tell-All

Filmmaker Ira Sachs learned the hard way that secrets can be the most perverted truth.

By Jerry Portwood

Colman Domingo: Fall Guy

With a new stage play and several high-profile movies, Colman Domingo has the season sewn up.

By Aaron Hicklin

Kyra Sedgwick: The Great Beyond

As her long-running, career-defining series draws to a close, Kyra Sedgwick hangs up the miniskirts for a spirited next …

By Michael Martin

Christophe Honoré Doesn't Treat Deneuve Like a 'Porcelain Doll'

Mother/daughter duo Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni star in the French filmmaker's latest

By Jerry Portwood