Instagram Launches First LGBT Explore Video Channel


Today Instagram launched its first ever explore channel fully dedicated to spotlighting LGBT youths, titled #VisibleMe.

YouTube Personality Raymond Braun led this charge. He launched his #VisibleMe photo series the same day he was profiled for the Out100.


A few months ago, I launched what has now become the most meaningful project in my life: #VisibleMe. #VisibleMe is dedicated to making the (in)visible visible by shining a spotlight on diverse, compelling stories from LGBTQ youth all around the world. People are more likely to support the LGBTQ community when they know someone who identifies as LGBTQ, so I hope this project provides a platform and voice to young people, helping them feel empowered and supported. And most importantly, I hope it shows LGBTQ youth that they are not alone and that they're part of a community filled with creativity, diversity, resilience, strength, and passion. I'm so excited to share that we're now launching #VisibleMe video to offer another avenue for people to express themselves. I encourage you to explore the hashtag #VisibleMe and check out Thank you to everyone who supports this project. Much love.

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In these gorgeous portraits and videos accompained by delicate and hearttouching captions, teens opened up about everything from body image, transitioning, and dating, to coming out, bullying, and reconciling religion with their identity. 

Over 25 videos are featured in the immersive channel, featuring viral star Brendan Jordan, Ella Giselle from I Am Cait, and out college football player, Conner Mertens.


i am so honoured to be apart of @raymondbraun 's #visibleme campaign to shed light on all LBGTQIA+ lives staying true to yourself and your own happiness over others peoples opinions is so important and I'm so proud of myself for discovering that at such a young age. ❤️ The most common struggle I face being trans/gay is people trying to invalidate my life. However I've pushed passed negativity and learned to love myself 100% without any stigma. I know who I am whether or not it suits other people. It's time we learned to live our own lives and not other people's.  I want you all to be as involved as possible in being proud of being LGBTQIA+. Comment below your self love story being LGBTQIA , I would love to respond to your amazing lives! If you aren't LGBTQIA+ and are an ally tag someone who is , and tell them why they inspire you  It's time LGBTQIA+ lives become as important as everyone else's ~ T xxx

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You can check out all 25 videos by visiting the Explore page on Instagram.

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