Ali Larter: Holding Out for Heroes


By Jeffrey Epstein

Ali Larter is our hero'literally. As one of the stars of NBC's new X-Men'like series Heroes, which premieres September 25, Larter plays Niki Sanders, a single mom-stripper who has a power she can't control'when faced in bad (like she's going to be killed bad) situations, Niki passes out and her super-strong mirror image takes control. Sound wild? You haven't seen the half of it. We caught up with the sexy starlet, known from her turns in Legally Blonde, Final Destination, and Varsity Blues, and gabbed about the gay parallels of the show, working with Milla Jovovich, and hanging at the gay West Hollywood watering hole the Abbey.

So, why do you think the gays are going to love your character?

Because even though she's down on her luck she dresses fabulous. [Laughs] I didn't want to wear anything stereotypically that you think a stripper looks like. That doesn't mean she can't have style. It doesn't mean that she didn't splurge on a $200-$300 pair of jeans. So, we've got fabulous clothes going on and I think that they'll also relate because she's a single mom on her own. She has an interracial son. She's never fit into this world, and people hold it against her.

Since your character has two sides to her, do you think she's a little more open-minded sexually?


Do you think she's ever or may ever take a dip in the lady well?

You never know. Let's keep it at that. You never know, but she is definitely open-minded and a very sexual creature.

Speaking of open-minded, I hear you're an Abbey girl.

Yeah. I love to go and sit drinking at the Abbey! I sit there with my friends. We throw down mojitos, maybe a couple martinis at 4. You never know, nothing like a cocktail at 4 o'clock on a Tuesday. It's my favorite time to be there, actually. It's like, amazing. I go with my friend Michael. We throw back cocktails and I just always feel so welcome there and it's just always a great laugh. I always have a great time.