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Naomi Campbell Joins #FreeTheNipple, Gets Censored by Instagram

Naomi Campbell nipple taschen book

Supermodel-in-chief Naomi Campbell may be busy shooting TV series (she'll be on AHS: Hotel this season), but she's also gearing up for the release of a limited-edition anthology with Taschen, a best-of her modeling work spanning her decade-long career.

Slideshow: 15 Times Naomi Campbell Freed The Nipple (And Won)

Campbell revealed the picture she chose for the cover, a nude portrait by Mert & Mercus from her Interview cover shoot, released in September 2013. 

The model shared a sneak peek with her legions of fans on Instagram, and also let her inner feminist free, adding a #freethenipple tag to her post:

Naomi Campbell nipple taschen book

Screencap via DazedDigital


Problem: Instagram's no-nudity guidelines are against the free nipple, and Campbell's photo was promptly deleted -- They're lucky she wasn't in the room when they decided to do that!

Neverthless, we fully support Naomi Campbell and her free nipples, and we invite our readers to head over to GarageMag.com to see their exclusive preview of the book.

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