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Daily Crush: Pharrell's G-Star Raw Collection (For The Oceans)

G Star Raw Oceans

Curated by Pharrell Williams, G-Star's new clothing line is made from recycled plastic found in the ocean.

Pictured, above: Blazer, $280.

Our ancestors lived through the Stone Age, the Iron Age, and the Bronze Age, but what era are we living in right now? Look around, and the answer becomes pretty obvious: We're right in the middle of the Plastic Age. Our society produces more than 288 million tonnes of plastic a year, and unlike paper, metal, glass or wood, it doesn't oxidise or biodegrade. Instead, acres of plastic end up in our oceans, endangering sea wildlife and corrupting the food we eat. It's a vicious cycle that super-producer Pharrell Williams aims to break, with the help of denim brand G-Star.

Co-designed and curated by Williams, G-Star's "RAW for the Oceans" collection is the world's first denim line made from plastic that was fished out of the sea, and recycled into "bionic yarn." The result is far more stylish than you'd think, and contributes to cleaning up the environment. Find out more about the project in the short documentary above, and shop the full collection at

G Star Raw OceansClockwise, from top: Baseball cap, $60; jacket, $280; T-shirt, $75; bomber jacket, $390.

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