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The End of Ingrown Hair


How to fight bumps and razor burns

Andrew, 31, from Tucson, AZ, asks:

"I always get ingrown hair and bad razor bumps when I shave. Are there any miracle products that will help reduce that?"

A lot of men with sensitive skin or curly facial hair are prone to ingrown hair. When the whisker is cut, it lodges itself under the skin and grows into a unsightly (and sometimes very painful) razor bump.

There are ways to fight ingrown hair. First of all, consider the type of razor you're using. Usually, the more blades you have on a razor, the more likely it is to cause irritation. Instead of going for the latest maxi-5-blader that you see advertised everywhere, switch to a razor with no more than three blades. You could even go for a safety razor or a straight-edge razor, although it's a whole new learning process. Some brands like Bump Fighter also make disposable razors specifically designed for men prone to ingrown hair.

If you use shaving foam, go for a rich shaving gel instead. I recently tried the Civil Shave Jelly($18, 8oz), a new range of grooming products for men from Oregon. It's a very thick, clear jelly that almost creates a protective layer for your face and improves greatly the glide of the blade.

Also important, your post-shave routine. I've heard great things about the MiN New York Solution2 Rollerball ($22, 1.7oz). It's a refillable roll-on that you can apply over the zones where you are likely to have ingrown hair and bumps. Warning: It may sting a little bit, but it will close down your pores and help make the whisker come out.

If you have sensitive skin, always use a fragrance-free aftershave. The unscented eShave After Shave Soother ($27, 6oz) and the Taylor of Old Bond Street Jeremyn Street Luxury After Shave Cream ($30, 2.5 fl oz) are two of my favorite products for sensitive skin.

Finally, if you notice ingrown hair, try to gently pull the tip of the whisker out of your skin with sanitized tweezers. Don't pull out the hair out completely: It will only grow back the way it was. Once the tip is above the surface, trim it with scissors without cutting too close to the skin.

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