Sean Avery Has a Better Wardrobe Than You

Sean Avery Has a Better Wardrobe Than You

What the hell. The past three damn posts have all been about sports players. What is or ESPN? Yet another hunky jock has invaded our fashion feed, this time thanks to Refinery29. The fashion/lifestyle site dropped in on the infamous hockey star—who has cozied up with Anna Wintour during Fashion Week, interned at Vogue, and supports all you gays out there who want to get married—to peek at his New York pad and luxury label packed closet. Long after Queer Eye for the Straight Guy spearheaded the metrosexual movement, Avery seems to represent a new, evolved male archetype. He's as comfortable on the ice as he is showing off his designer wares. Not to mention his enviable art collection and predilection for taking off his clothes...which he does for the Refinery crew. Take a peek at his spacious, minimalist loft here

Photos courtesy of Refinery29

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