A 26 Track Tour Of Swiss Beats

A 26 Track Tour Of Swiss Beats

Considering Switzerland's famous neutrality, you may expect the nation's music scene to be equally tranquil. It's not. Not often, at least. After the odd, early-60s trend of island themed music heard from the Hula Hawaiian Quartet, and a longer though ultimately time-sensitive foray into psychedelic rock, Switzerland's music scene took a hard turn toward punk and heavy-metal. Sure, it was the musical "look" of the time, but Switzerland is not where you'd expect to find it. Yet there it is, heard in the harsh and at-times grating and more often multi-lingual stylings of bands like LiLiPUT/Kleenex, Dieter Meier and The Young Gods.

More recently, artists like DJ Bobo and Baschi have more recently been keeping the traditional Euro beat with their dance floor-ready tracks and emerging artists like Sophie Hunger, Mama Rosin and Bonaparte are offering a diversity of sounds, all of which are included here, in this 26 track aural tour of Switzerland that gives wouldbe visitors a real taste of what this Swiss sound is all about.

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