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7 Fabulous Bars You Can Only Visit in Vegas

7 Fabulous Bars You Can Only Visit in Vegas

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Experience the spirits of Las Vegas. ​

Chances are, you have a favorite local bar or cocktail lounge. Maybe it's the perfect spot to grab a drink after work, or a fun gathering place for friends on the weekend. But when you travel, all bets are off. Where should you go? Who knows how to make your favorite drink just right? Where will you find that ideal mix of adventure and comfort?

These questions can be especially overwhelming if you're traveling to Las Vegas, where there's no shortage of bar and lounge options. From hole-in-the-wall kitsch to sumptuous luxury, Las Vegas has it all.

To help plan your next Vegas excursion, here's your definitive guide to some of our favorite LGBT bars and cocktail lounges:

1. Piranha
No LGBT Las Vegas list would be complete without this must-see bar and nightclub. With events running every day of the week, themed nights, drag shows and celebrity sightings, Piranha is the perfect spot if you're looking for a dark place to get down, dirty and dancey.

2. Bastille on 3rd
Las Vegas regulars may know this local staple as Snick's Place, but "the oldest gay bar in Vegas" went through a facelift in 2015. Despite the name change, however, the Bastille on 3rd still delivers that hole-in-the-wall vibe for patrons looking for a slight change of pace from the thumpa-thumpa of other bars.

3. Mandarin Bar
Floor-to-ceiling windows. The 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel. And cocktails to die for. What more could you want? This bar is the definition of contemporary swank, with chic decor and a classy vibe. And you know when a place calls their bartenders "mixologists," you're in for a treat!

4. FreeZone
Located in "The Fruit Loop" area, just off The Strip, FreeZone is a gay hotspot for locals and tourists alike. Between the diverse crowd, the strong drinks and the parade of drag queens, you won't regret a night out at this Las Vegas mainstay.

5. Skyfall Lounge
This used to be Mix at the Delano, but recent refurbishments have upped the game for this 64th-floor lounge. If you're weak in the knees, steer clear of the windows -- you're pretty high up! Enjoy a specially crafted cocktail list and unparalleled views of the strip. You'll feel like James Bond in no time.

6. BOND and The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan
While these two lounges aren't exclusively LGBT, they certainly attract a diverse clientele. The swank, LED vibe of BOND is perfect for a pre-party cocktail, while the glitzy Chandelier surrounds you with sparkling crystals, sure to make you feel like a queen.

7. 107 SkyLounge
When you're hitting the town with your gay besties, you'll want to find a good selfie spot. Well, look no further than The Stratosphere's 107 Lounge. Located on the 107th floor, you'll be sipping dirty martinis and taking dizzying group pics before you know it.

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There's always something new to see in Las Vegas, so whether you've been to one of these hotspots before or are looking to try something different, you're sure to have an experience to remember.

Follow our lead and you'll find that Las Vegas is a great place to make friends and grab a drink! For more information on vacationing in Vegas, go to

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