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This Queer Performance is Donating All Proceeds to Trevor Project & Live Out Loud


For the upcoming theater experience Playground Lessons, New York based artists Abigail Lieff and Mackian Bauman tapped 10 queer-identifying artists to create a series of vignettes—some movement-based, some spoken word—that ask the question, "Can you see yourself in my experience?”

The play will focus on risk-taking on stage as both performer and observer, intended to explore concepts like queer danger, envy and pain.

"As a group of queer artists in a time of severe cultural division, we long for self-expression in the face of societal pressures to be 'normal,'" the team said in a statement. "But how far can we take that expression without alienating the very people we need to lift us up? Is simply being a queer person in 2017 an act of rebellion—and if it is, how can we do that while remaining unified with everyone else around us?"

What's more, the show will donate one hundred percent of proceeds to The Trevor Project and Live Out Loud. The Trevor Project offers crisis and suicide prevention services to LBGTQ youth, while Live Out Loud connects queer youth to role models and mentors passionate to share their stories and knowledge, as well as career advice, with their mentees.

Playground Lessons takes place at New York's Alchemical Theater Laboratory, and runs December 7 – 9. For more information, click here, and donate to their GoFundMe, here.

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