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Must See: Denuded at the Queer New York Arts Festival

Cover Image: Bruno Isaković performing his solo. Courtesy of La Mama.

Premiering at the Queer New York International Arts Festival in association with La Mama, Denuded is a nine-person dance piece choreographed by the legendary Bruno Isaković. The movement is inspired by the connection between breath and physical tension of the body, and explores that relationship through precise, intricate moves and shapes.


Courtesy of La Mama

Isaković was born in Zagreb and attended the Amsterdam School of the Arts, going on to pick up several awards and international recognition. He founded the Sounded Bodies dance Festival in 2004, where world-renowned dancers and choreographers are invited to collaborate. His most recent works, including Denuded, are currently touring throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Denuded will be performed by Branko Banković, Željko Drmić, Dina Ekštajn, Kaia Gilje, Lana Hosni, Ana Mrak, Ana Vnučec, Bosiljka Vujović-Mažuran, and Mia Zalukar, with Isaković performing a solo.


Courtesy of La Mama

The Queer New York International Arts Festival is in its fifth year and is dedicated to showcasing queer artwork in all its capacities. La Mama, now in its 55th season, brings theater artists from around the world together in new and exciting collaborations.

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