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Watch Drag Race's Daya Betty Be Salty (Maybe Hypocritical) in Teaser

Daya Betty

For seasons, RuPaul's Drag Race fans have talked about the "villain edit." In theory this is when producers decide to make one contestant look like they are the center of drama for the season — that they are the ones being messy. Producers themselves have repeatedly pushing back on the notion, and even RuPaul has seemingly responded to it with her song "Blame It On the Edit." But whether you believe in it or not, its clear that in season 14, Daya Betty is the villain.

In a new clip from this week's episode, the queens return from what has been almost universally deemed as the worst Snatch Game in Drag Race herstory. It was so bad, in fact, that RuPaul decided instead of two or three or even four queens going into the bottom, seven competitors were bottoms and up for elimination. The set up gives way to this week's episode which is a lip sync lollapalooza.

In the new teaser, the queens return from the news of the next week's battle. While sitting around discussing it, Daya Betty makes it clear that she doesn't agree with the decision. Not only that, she calls out Jorgeous and Jasmine Kennedie, saying that the two of them should be up for elminiation for doing poorly over the last few weeks. In the confessional, she goes further and sort of admits that part of her issue has to do with the fact that the pair are star lip sync competitors.

The thing about the the "villain edit" is this: it is an edit. As RuPaul says in her song "you the one who said it!" While producers certainly decide which negative comments they include, from whom, at what points, and how often, they can only include those comments from queens who make them on camera. So could Daya be made to seem a lot worse because she's the only person producers are showing mess from? Absolutely likely. But this doesn't negate that she said what she said.

As some are pointing out on social, what makes this all a bit humorous is that the performer, herself, is only still in the competition from being given multiple chances. Daya Betty was initially the first queen eliminated, with Orion Story being second, before in episode 3, RuPaul decided to bring them both back. That now she is the chief and most vocal complainer that others are not being eliminated is ... curious.

But, it's just a TV show.

(Honestly though, if you want to piss off Jasmine Kennedie before she possibly has to lip sync against you, by all means. We saw how that turned out for Maddy Morphosis.)

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