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RuPaul Spills Tea on How a Cab Driver's Foot Fetish Saved Him Money

RuPaul Spills Tea on How a Cab Driver's Foot Fetish Saved Him Money


The Emmy-winning drag legend recounted the crazy story on the most recent episode of Ellen' daytime talk show.

We love when two legends link up!

Emmy-winning Drag Race host and drag icon RuPaul is appearing on today's episode of comedy legend Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show, and in a preview leading up to the episode's premiere, the two kiki about everything from Johnny Carson, to the first time the two met each other, to Ru's thoughts on that now-infamous viral bootleg Christmas ornament.

While we could listen to Mama Ru and Ellen shoot the breeze for hours on end, the best part of their latest reunion takes place when Ru plays a round of Ellen's hilarious "Burning Questions" game where, you guessed it, stars answer some of the most out-there and wild questions that we're all dying to know the answers to.

When Ellen asks Ru to tell the audience something "naughty" he did back in the '80s, the "Call Me Mother" singer didn't disappoint and spilled some tea about how a cab driver's foot fetish saved him $9 on cab fare during a night out on the town. (The whole thing has to be seen and heard for full effect!)

"He said, 'If you put your foot over the front seat, I will give me the fare for free,'" RuPaul recalled the foot-loving cab driver telling him. "Ellen, it was a $9 fare..."

He continued:

"I just put my front over the front seat, he did what he needed to do, and I got out of the cab without having to pay."

We sure do love a thrifty queen who doesn't yuck someone else's yum! Watch Ru answer more of Ellen's burning questions in the video below!

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