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Watch 'Drag Race' 13 Top 4 React to Winner Crowning, Finale Looks

Symone winning Drag Race 13.

The reactions were almost as entertaining as the episode. 

As we have known for some time now, RuPaul's Drag Race records multiple edits of the finale. After the finale two Lip Sync for the Crown, each records their acceptance speech. Both are given the crown and scepter and prance on the runway as if they have won. The top four are then gathered together for a finale viewing, where they watch the edit to find who actually won. Season 13 was no different.

In a newly released clip, the top four watch the finale episode.

The finale itself was a middle ground between the finales we've become used to and a virtual set up. While the queens performed in the theater, a crowd watched via a livestream at a drive-in location. This meant that we got the effect of a typical Lip Sync Smack Down but the room that the queens were performing in was probably a bit dead given that there was just RuPaul and production there. Still, the girls still gave some great performances.

In the reaction video, after watching the first round of matchups, the queens watch their season 13 sisters in their finale looks. Some of the reactions -- particularly Elliott with the 2 Ts -- have since gone viral.

In the end, it was Symone who took home the crown. In the reaction, the Arkansas-native literally crumbles at the announcement.

"Arkansas took it home y'all," she says in the video. "Oh my god, oh my god."

In addition to the top four, Drag Race also released the final episode of The Pit Stop. In it, Trixie Mattel and Katya react to the episode.

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