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This Unaired Dan Levy for 'Saturday Night Live' Skit Is Just Perfect

Dan Levy on Saturday Night Live

A true gem.

Saturday Night Live packs quite a bit into their show. This weekend, with Daniel Levy hosting the show did seven segments featuring the Schitt's Creek creator, in addition to their Super Bowl-themed cold open, Levy's opening monologue, and two perfect performances from Phoebe Bridgers. And while there was certainly a lot of amazingness there, one of Levy's best sketches was cut for time.

Uploaded to YouTube this morning, Levy and the cast prepared a skit poking fun at a niche group of makeup for men brands. These brands, which we've seen circulating around Twitter every few months, retool the marketing language and imagery for staple makeup products for those who are "too masculine" to see themselves using a beauty blender. In this sketch, they have one in the shape of a football instead.

"I'm sorry, what is Man Stain?" Levy asks in the spoof. The ad is pushing new line of Skin Ammo from Man Stain.

"It levels up your mug for peak appearance performance," a voiceover responds.

"So it's makeup," Levy asks.

"Nah dude, makeup is for girls." Yeah, that's what we're dealing with here.

The line uses containers that resemble cans of beer and guns to maintain a "masculine" feel while applying blush, foundation, concealer, lip gloss, and mascara. And while this is funny in theory, and a bit exaggerated, we will say we have this sort of discourse on the timeline.

For those who were wondering why Pete Davidson was snubbed all night for skits, it seems he was being saved for a small role in this one.

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