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And Just Like That Gave Us the Miranda & Che Moment We've Been Waiting For

And Just Like That Gave Us the Miranda & Che Moment We've Been Waiting For


Looks like Miranda's queer blossoming has finally begun! 

Warning! This post contains major spoilers for And Just Like That season one, episode three!

HBO Max dropped the third episode of the first season of the much-talked-about Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That on Thursday night, and just like that, queer fans have been given a moment they've been waiting for for so long!

In one of the final scenes of the episode, Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) and Che (played by Sara Ramirez) share something...intimate. Here's the breakdown: the two are casually talking at the after-party of Che's comedy special. It's all casual in the sense that Miranda is uncomfortably fangirling over Che's comedy, and Che is trying to calm her down. Che asks Miranda if she'd like some weed. Hesitant and nervous, she declines, but Che follows up, asking if they can shotgun it to her. And this was it...the smoke blown around the world. The (almost) lip-on-lip action that pretty much puts the sex in Sex and the City.

"I think we were going for something intimate and charged," Ramirez told Entertainment Weekly about the episode. "And it sounds like we accomplished that goal."

Yeah, goal accomplished, and in more ways than one!

Ramirez's character is a groundbreaking move for the series. The original Sex and the City has often been described as anything but inclusive, and its modern-day reboot attempts to right those wrongs. Che is the first nonbinary character the series has featured, and it was important to Ramirez that they do the role justice.

"It was important to me that we really explore that, that we make sure that Che is not here to represent every LGBTQ+ community member and not here for everyone's approval..." they said. "Che is a character who speaks their unapologetic truth because they have done the work to get clear about who they really are. And they are also somebody who embraces the fluidity of life."

But Che might not be the only gender non-conforming character in the show. In last night's episode, Charlotte's (Kristin Davis) child Rose told their mother that they "never feel like a girl." Charlotte fell off the bed, in typical straight-laced Charlotte fashion. However, later in the episode, she expressed her support, ensuring Rose knew how much she loved them.

So back to our new favorite AJLT couple. Okay, we might be getting ahead of ourselves...but what exactly can we expect from these two in the future? According to Ramirez, some "serious electricity."

"They are two very powerful, very confident people who are both unafraid to speak their authentic truths," Ramirez said. "And when you get two energies like that in the room, you can expect a really interesting dynamic to appear, and you can expect some serious electricity."

Say no more. Something's definitely happening! A kiss. A hookup. A date. More? We'll just have to wait and watch!

New episodes of And Just Like That stream Thursdays on HBO Max.

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