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Watch 'Drag Race: All Stars' 5's Gaggy, Brand New Teaser

Mayhem Miller and Ru from new Drag Race teaser

"Are you ready for the biggest shake-up in herstory?"

With all that happened Friday in the cinematic universe that is RuPaul's Drag Race, it was easy to miss something. To start it off All Stars announced that season five was headed back to VH1 and was bringing with it a pretty talented list of queens facing off against one another. Then season 12 of Drag Race aired its latest episode and put two of our favorites in the bottom. Sadly it wasn't the case of another sashay away. Following that Celebrity Drag Race put on the best roast we've seen in Drag Race herstory as a part of an overall amazing show. And we finished with Untucked! Well buried within all that was a little something extra.

As Drag Race aired, the show debuted a new teaser for the upcoming All Stars season. This was different from the RuVeal, and different from the re-Meet the Queens: First Day Feels special. Nope, this was wholly new. And within it, Ru promised what sounds like the gaggiest season yet. First up, let's go back and review the RuVeal as well as the Meet the Queens video.

Now, the new teaser.

So let's get into it!

"All Stars rules have been suspended forever!" Ru intones at the start of the teaser. The logical conclusion to draw here is that the process of Ru narrowing contestants down to the top two who then compete in a Lip Sync for Your Legacy, is now off the table. But then there's the call for someone to "RuVeal" themselves. Borrowing from Secret Celebrity Drag Race, a translucent screen is raised and a queen walks down the runway. What is going on up in here? Is Ru going to add queens mid-show? We would love to see it. And, according to a tweet from AS5 competitor, Shea Coulee, it's gaggier than we can imagine.

"Me: Looking at the comments from people saying they know they twist because they read spoilers," she wrote in a Tweet alongside a gif of Nene Leakes -- note: we did not read the spoilers! But not long after, she followed it up with another tweet.

"Also Me: Anticipating their reactions when they find out there's a twist TO THE TWIST..." she wrote in a post using a gif of Tiffany Pollard.

This is either going to be really good or really bad, but given how Celebrity Drag Race is going we are betting on the former.

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