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This Is When 'Love, Victor,' Hulu's 'Love, Simon' Spin-Off Hits

Love Victor trailer

UPDATE (5/7/2020): If you're in need of new shows to stream you're in luck, Hulu has them for us. The long awaited episodic spin-off to the 2018 film Love, Simon, titled Love, Victor is headed to the steaming platform on July 19. 

Oh, and don't be afraid that they are going to stream you along week to week: the show will launch in-full with all 10 episodes being made available.

ORIGINAL (4/27/2020): Do you remember it? Do you remember being a young queer, coming into yourself and finding yourself with one of your first crushes? Maybe you went out of your way to spend extra time with the person? Their most mundane tasks became points of adoration? Well, all of those feelings come encapsulated in the first trailer for Hulu's Love, Victor, a spinoff of the 2018 film Love, Simon.

In the new clip, the titular Victor appears applying for a barista job at a coffee shop. It becomes pretty evident that Benji, the assistant manager, and Victor's schoolmate, is an object of affection. While Benji shows Victor how to pull a shot of espresso, the trailer gives him the slow-mo Baywatch treatment as Victor looks on. It all comes to a foamy conclusion before Victor runs out.

"There's a first time for everything," the official Hulu Twitter account wrote when sharing the trailer. "Check out the VERY FIRST clip of Love, Victor, premiering June 19 — only on Hulu."

As a spin-off of Love, Simon, Love, Victor was initially slated to appear on Disney+. In February, the streamers announced that the show had been handed off, some speculating that it wasn't "family-friendly" enough for Disney. 

While Greg Berlanti, the man behind Love, Simon, is not involved with Love, Victor, Nick Robinson who played Simon is the narrator and executive producer while Elizabeth Berger and Isac Aptaker who were writers for Love, Simon serve as screenwriters and co-showrunners for the new series. 

Victor is being played by Michael Cimino, who is not known to be queer. The character is closeted and reportedly a soccer star. Benji is being played by George Sear. His character is reportedly "totally at ease with being out of the closet." 

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