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Watch Pete Buttigieg Say He's '38 Years Too Gay' To Be President

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg on Jimmy Kimmel Live

With COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, on the rise, everyone's taking extra precautions not to be site that the virus spreads in. So in addition to large events cancelling, shows with live audiences have been opting to forgo their crowds. One such show: Jimmy Kimmel Live. And on Thursday night, the show had the former mayor and Democratic presidential nominee candidate Pete Buttigieg as the guest host.

To a sparse crowd that included his husband Chasten Buttigieg, and mostly family and friends of the show's cast, Pete gave his opening monologue. 

"My name is Pete Buttigieg and I am running to be the next host of Jimmy Kimmel Live," the former candidate said, hopping into his first-ever late night hosting gig. He went on to explain the lack of audience and the fact that it was decided only moments before the cameras started to roll.

In the span of the monologue he got off a few jokes, a few at his own expense, a few at Donald Trump's, and even one at Tulsi Gabbard's. At one point, he did address his presidential run directly.

"Running for president was an amazing experience," he said. "The support our campaign got was unbelievable and I really thought we had a shot. But, turns out I was about 40 years too young and 38 years too gay." Well then!

So what now? Well, a pre-recorded sketch saw Buttigieg applying for a job at a pretzel making shop. Spoiler: he didn't get the gig.

Of his guests Buttigieg had Sir Patrick Stewart (who called him "terrific" and said he's good at speech making) as well as Tony Hale. As Buttigieg is a huge Star Trek buff, Stewart came baring gifts, handing him his own working script from Star Trek: Picard before the pair went head to head in a game of Star Trek trivia. 

Never meet your idols, unless you want to lose to them at trivia.

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