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'Schitt’s Creek' Released David and Patrick’s Engagement Photos

David Rose and Patrick in their engagement photos.

This post contains spoilers from Schitt’s Creek season 6.

While there are many storylines in this final season of Schitt’s Creek, one of the main ones has obviously been the impending nuptials of David Rose and Patrick Brewer. We’ve gone with them venue shopping, we’ve weathered through a possible baby fever scare, and we even stepped our toes in the “are we open, are we not” discussion, which is really a requirement for gays — thank you Pony for that. In the latest episode, it’s time for engagement photos.

For the photos that will memorialize their relationship (and introduce their faces to the extended families and friends not in Schitt’s Creek), David and Patrick head over to the noted photographer slash realtor slash every other odd job there might be in a small town, Ray Butani, for the shoot. David, understandably and predictably has some lofty high brow ideas of grandeur and sends Patrick off to get a light spray tan in order to compliment his own “practically Sicilian complexion.” On set at the shoot, he carefully arranges a cover over a chaise lounge.

“I’m going for an English estate in the off season,” he explains to Butani. Yes, our very own David Rose ladies and gentlemen. Before long, Patrick arrives with his tan, quite a number of shades darker than his typically fair complexion. Cue the show’s trademark comedy.

Still, the pair do take the photos. And with a little color correction, the photos are basically perfect!

“Because you asked so nicely,” the official Schitt’s Creek wrote to twitter alongside a selection of photos from the shoot. And though in the episode Stevie Budd redoes the shoot in Patrick’s apartment after he’s taken a few showers to mellow out the color, we would not mind getting these pictures in the mail instead!

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