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Billy Porter Is Coming to 'Sesame Street' With That Oscars Gown

Billy Porter on set at Sesame Street.

Billy Porter is having quite a moment, living his truth. And while that is amazing all on it’s own, the reality is that for many qeer people, living your own truth can make it that much easier for others to feel encouraged to do the same. And not just anyone, ou often get to help set a baseline of acceptance for the younger generation, and that’s certainly what Billy Porter is doing. The actor and singer will continue on with that work, appearing on an upcoming episode of Sesame Street.

Though the details haven’t really been announced yet, Sesame Street and Porter have posted photos of the performer on set. “Billy Porter bringing those fierce vibes to Sesame Street for Season 51,” the popular show wrote to Instagram. They also wrote “An iconic day with an iconic person,” in a Twitter post.

“Y’all talk about iconic,” Porter wrote on Twitter in response. “I was tickled to meet Elmo and the gang at Sesame Street.” In all of the images from set, Porter appears in his much discussed black tuxedo dress from the Oscars made by Christian Siriano. One image also features Elmo in a tuxedo.

Obviously this can’t just be a joyous occasion. Quite a number of people who could be just, I don’t know, minding their business, have decided to be upset. 

Though there is quite a bit of support on Sesame Street’s Instagram page, there’s also quite a bit of backlash, with some saying they won’t allow their children to watch, and others saying that this has gone beyond inclusivity and move into indoctrination. Because you know, just because kids see a Black man in a dress, they will become Black men in dresses. Some have gone so far as to call for the episode to never air — good luck with that!

Porter, and the show, have not responded to any of this feedback. Why waste the time?

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