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The 'Schitt’s Creek' Final Season Is the ‘Most Ambitious Yet’

Dan Levy as David in Schitt's Creek.

Go ahead, get the tissues!

It's here you guys. Truly. It's finally here: the beginning of the end. Today is the final season debut of the uber-popular show Schitt's Creek and we're honestly crying already.

Schitt's Creek started as a small show. It had been shopped around by Daniel and Eugene Levy, the father and son team who created the series and all of the American cable and broadcast networks who looked at it passed. But, through their due diligence, they ended up going a sort of "indie" rout, cobbling togethering deals with the likes of CBC, Europe's ITV Studios and Canada's Pop TV to make it a reality. And thankfully for us, it worked, eventually making its way to Netflix, where the show's audience grew exponentially.

Te premise is simple, the famously rich Rose family has found themselves shit out of luck due to money mismanagement by their accountant. The IRS seizes almost everything (they notably get to keep their couture) except a town that the family's father, Johnny Rose, played by Eugene, bought as a joke. Welcome to Schitt's Creek.

While the show is funny from the start, it really begins to take stride after the family starts to come to terms with living in this podunk town. When they stop seeing it so much as a temporary inconvenience, and instead, their home, things begin to take off in their lives as they find true personal successes, and love. And now, with the whole family flourishing, the final season is upon us, and it's apparently going to be a doozy.

In a New York Times feature, Daniel Levy indicates that the season will be the show's "most ambitious yet." And while that might stoke fears of cliffhangers, surprise twists or lunacy, Daniel did what he could to calm those concerns.

"What I wanted for our series finale was just a great [expletive] episode of TV," he said. "I think that's all people want. They don't need a huge fireworks display. They just want to know that the characters are going to be O.K."

That's all we really want. Well, and maybe the chance to pick through David and Moira's closets, but that's truly all!

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